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Build Internal Competencies
Rapid Cyber Intelligence Training

  • Inicjatywy w zakresie podnoszenia i przekwalifikowania - Treadstone 71 enables organizations to identify skill gaps and provide targeted training through its advanced visualization tools and training modules, including interactive timelines and dynamic charts that monitor employee progress and skills development, helping organizations better plan and implement internal mobility and development programs.

Strategiczne planowanie siły roboczej

We customize the program to monitor and analyze workforce capabilities and needs. Organizations strategically plan internal talent deployment and development based on real-time data analytics, aligning with the business's evolving needs.

Enhanced Internal Mobility

Treadstone 71 aids organizations in facilitating internal mobility. We help you use your existing talent and fill roles internally with employees who have acquired new cyber intelligence skills or competencies through the platform's training features.

Analytic Decision Making

We help simulate hypothetical scenarios based on real-world data to support strategic decisions regarding talent management. Organizations can assess potential outcomes of internal moves and development initiatives before implementation, ensuring that the right talent is developed and mobilized to meet current and future needs.

Estimative Analytics - Forecasting

Using estimative analytics, Treadstone 71 helps forecast future industry trends and the corresponding skills in demand. The foresight enables organizations to proactively train employees in those areas, ensuring the workforce is prepared and capable of evolving with market changes.

Competency Frameworks

Treadstone 71 allows organizations to benchmark their internal talent development programs against industry standards by incorporating external intelligence on competency frameworks from various industries.

Enhanced Communication Channels

We create customizable dashboards that function as communication hubs, where managers and employees can discuss career aspirations, training needs, and opportunities for growth.

Ethical AI and Bias Reduction

Incorporating ethical AI practices, Treadstone 71 ensures that the internal recruitment processes are free from biases, promoting fairness in employee development and mobility opportunities.

Talent Pool Analytics

We assist you in analyzing and categorizing the existing talent pool to identify hidden skills and potential leaders within the organization.

Analiza luk w umiejętnościach

By continuously monitoring the skill levels and training outcomes within the organization, Treadstone 71 can provide real-time reports on skill gaps.

Customized Learning and Development

Using our training and simulation features, Treadstone 71 creates customized learning modules tailored to the workforce's specific needs.

Strategic Workforce Forecasting

We help you integrate historical data and estimative modeling to forecast future workforce requirements based on business growth scenarios.

Using the sophisticated capabilities of Treadstone 71 not only enhances quiet hiring strategies but also transforms how organizations manage, develop, and retain their internal talent securely and efficiently. Engage us now to get started.

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